“Swings Like a Butterfly, Stings Like a Bee…”

Liberal Leadership candidate, Justin Trudeau, delivered a tour-de-force speech yesterday at the “Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention”. There’s actually no need to mention the event at all, as Justin’s detractors in Ottawa, and in the Mainstream Media pretty much ensured all of Canada knew.

This is an historic speech. Once again Mr. Trudeau used a classic “rope-a-dope” to get all his critics buzzing and conjecturing about his attendence and what he would do next. What was a routine campaign stop stole national headlines.

JT followed up with perhaps one of the greatest speeches given by any PM-in-waiting. The media Built up the moment with a LOT of help from his detractors. They yelled, and jumped up and down, and raged. They said unmentionable things about Justin’s loyalties – as if his loyalties were ever questionable.

The fiery passion Justin Trudeau holds for the Canada he LOVES was quite evident yesterday. A passion cultivated in his early ears hearing the stories of Canada’s trials and triumphs on his famous father’s lap. A passion which grew with this amazing young man as he shared the Canadian experience from coast to coast. A passion which he shared with countless young Canadians as a teacher and in his many voluntary endeavors.

Justin showed Canada yesterday just how ready he is to be leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and how ready he is to be Prime Minister of Canada. Those of us familiar with Justin knew this was something to watch for. Now the shot has been fired (yet again) across the collective bows of his opponents: This contender IS a “heavyweight”, and he can “sting like a bee”.

The legend grows.


Herman Thind, BSc., OOST,
Certified Social Media Strategist.

Herman is a community advocate, consultant, and a student of all things political. He was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and grew up across Western Canada.